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    International Futurity Academy

    Graduation ceremony 【March 7, 2024】

    Today we held the graduation ceremony for 2023.

    At the ceremony, Go nana gave a congratulatory speech on behalf of the current students. The graduating class speaker was Muhammad Ridwan. It was a wonderful speech full of gratitude to the people who supported them and hope for the future. At the end, we all sang a song together and watched a slideshow students had created. It was a really nice ceremony.

    I’m sure you all have experienced a lot in the past two years or one and a half years. I think some of them were difficult. Still, it was truly amazing that you came to school and studied every day. I’m glad that We were able to celebrate your graduation today. We wish everyone happiness. Congratulations on your graduation! ! !

    Also, last year’s graduates participated in this ceremony. I’m so happy that even after graduating, they still come to events. For those of you who graduated today, please come visit us sometime.


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