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    International Futurity Academy

    School Facilities and Class Rooms

    On the first floor of the school, there is an room for staff and teachers. Near the entrance there are tables and chairs for employees and students. When students have problems or concerns in learning or living, they can come here to get advice.We have 6 class rooms on 3rd and 4th floor and each classroom is clean and comfortable size held for a maximum of 20 students.There is a large hall used for the opening and graduation ceremony and Christmas party etc. This hall is also equipped Ping-Pong table for the students to play and available anytime after class or break time.In addition to that, we have a small libraries space for the students to read and the list of books is very unique. It does not only offer text books for learning Japanese but also many other kinds such as culture, social, economy, history, politic and comics.Common space (picture)

    Student Accommodation

    In order for our students living comfortably in Japan while studying in abroad, the school provides students with clean and safe accommodations for the all students. From the accommodation to the school, it takes about 5 to 15 minutes by walk. Each accommodation is located in very quiet and safe neighborhood nearby train stations, shopping malls, post office, bank, town hall, library and convenience stores. It is very convenient for the students to live and work.

    Benefits of Living Student Accommodations

    Commonly, Renting a house or apartment in Japan, a high damage deposit and a Japanese Guarantor are required. However, by living in the student accommodations, you do not worry about those. Additionally, the room is also equipped with essential appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, gas stove, and Futon.For those who wish to live somewhere else other than student accommodations, they must find places to live by themselves and pay damage deposits as well as find their own Japanese guarantor.

    Accommodation Fees

    Single room for 1 person costs about 30,000 JPY ~ 35,000 JPY per person including the water and gas but electricity are separate cost.

    ※Pre-payment of six months fees must be made before the admission. After 6 month, the due date of      the monthly payment for the next month is 25th day of the month.

    Cancellation of the Room

    According to the school regulations, all students must live in the student accommodation for one-year. After one year, the students can move out and find their own place to live if they wish to do so. When the students decide to move out, one month notice must be given to the school office. Then the application for the cancellation of the room be filled out and submitted to the office. (Please note this is a common renting regulation in Japan)

    Also, the students must clean the room before moving out and are responsible for any damages made during their stay. This means the compensation to recover the damages must be paid by the student who caused it. So we always suggest the students to use the room and appliances carefully and keep the room, kitchen and bathroom clean, and not to leave any scratch mark on the floors, windows, kitchens counter.

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