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    International Futurity Academy

    Message From The Principal

    International Futurity Academy was established with the goal of building a bright future for all students in the academy. The teaching objective of the institute does not only orient students to use Japanese everyday or to enter university but also let students to have better understanding of Japanese culture, so they can gain strong communication skills in Japanese to thrive in cultural diversities.
    I think the lives in school should combine both enthusiasm and family-like atmosphere but still maintain the strict learning for the students because of their future.
    In particular, the Academy respects privacies and personalities of each individual student and also focus on guiding students personally, when necessary.
    I hope what you learn at International Futurity Academy helps you to reach your goal and to have a successful future at international settings. I believe your success with your study and you can become like an ambassadors to connect your countries and Japan.
    Hope that what you learn at International Futurity Academy will be useful and become a bridge between your country and Japan and also be able to reach out to the global.

    The principal : Kihei Kanako



    Regional Characteristics of KansaiOsaka

    Osaka Prefecture is one of the 47 provincial capitals of Japan. Its land area is ranked second smallest in the country, however, the population is about 880 thousand people that is next to Tokyo. There are about 21,000 foreigners living in Osaka, accounting for about 15.6% of the country. Osaka is located almost in the center of the country, which connects many big cities in country at the Osaka port, and Kansai airport is the major hub airport for many international flights to other big cities in the world. Also Chinese ships frequently come by the Osaka port. It takes one hour flight to Osaka from Tokyo and about 2.5 hours by Shinkansen. Living cost in Osaka is much cheaper than in Tokyo. Another advantage of living in Osaka is that the climate is very mild and the air during winter time is not too dry. In the spring, many cherry blossoms bloom everywhere in the parks, in the mountains and even in your neighborhood, and during the summer time, you can enjoy swimming in the ocean and relaxing on the beaches nearby.
    The city of Osaka also offers a lot of entertainment such as Osaka Castle, KaiYuKan aquarium, Universal Studio Japan and takes about 1 hour from Kyoto and Nara. International Futurity Academy is located in near Down Town Osaka, so our students are able to go for field trip easily to check out very sophisticated Japanese factory as a part of their school curriculum. There are some famous national universities in Kansai area so many foreign students come to Osaka to study.

    Introduce the school

    International Futurity Academy is located in the central business district of Osaka, Japan – a country with many traditional cultures. From Osaka to Kyoto – a place to store many cultures, history and the international port city of Kobe is very close. Around the school, there are cultural houses, places to visit, and so on.
    Moreover, in the library in the school is equipped with book many books in Japanese and comic books, etc.


    First, our curriculums more focus on helping student to become more capable to pass Japanese language exam and university entrance exams.  Secondary, we strongly believe it is also important for the students to understand Japanese cultures and communities and to gain the skills and knowledge to express their own thoughts in Japanese.
    We do not only set a goal to advance each students Japanese only for the academic purpose, but also assist students to develop their abilities to use Japanese on their work in Japanese companies.
    Therefore, we offer well-balanced content of the lessons with the four skills “Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking”.
    Additionally, in order to gain the learning efficiency for the students, we also organize fun activities such as field trips and many other events such as speech contest, exchange meetings, sports competition etc…so that students can interact with the actual Japanese industries, communities and cultures in real time with a lot of fun.
    Lastly, to create a positive and bright future for each student, our school particularly respects for the students individualities and differences. To do so, each instructor organize orientation and (or) disciplinary sessions for the student privately, when necessary.


    Graduate School

    • University of Fukui, Master Degree Program (MDP)
    • Shiga University MDP
    • Kyoto University of Foreign Studies MDP
    • Osaka University of Economics MDP
    • Digital Hollywood University MDP
    • The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Information MDP

    Under Graduate School

    • Kindai University
    • Osaka Sangyou University
    • Osaka University of Tourism
    • Osaka International university   etc

    Business College

    • ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages
    • Seifu Jyouhou Koukai Business College
    •  Ohara Accounting School
    •  Art College Kobe・Osaka Designers School
    • Sundai Tourism Foreign Language Business School


    1.Learning Japanese by Direct Teaching Method

    Our experienced instructors give Japanese lectures in Japanese.

    2.Placement by Skill Levels

    Each class is organized by placement test, so it is easy to set learning goals and to introduce many options for advanced learning.

    3.Learning in Family-Like Atmosphere and Personal Tutoring.

    We offer great quality of group Japanese lessons and individual lessons, and also well-built student management systems from the time of admission to graduation. The students are able to discuss with any instructors or admin staff about their concerns of study, work and living.

    4.Instruction of Advanced Education

    From Elementary level to prep for admission to the graduate school, our instructors provide students with instruction for advanced education in person when required. We think about each student’s further education together.

    Experienced Instructors And Bilingual Support Staff

    Our instructors have many years of teaching experience at Japanese language education with extensive Japanese knowledge, teaching skills and learning techniques for the students from oversea. Also our support staff is able to communicate with the students in Chinese, Vietnamese, and English other than Japanese.

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