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    International Futurity Academy
    Couse Information

    2 years

    • Course: 2 years
    • Application periods: September  ~Mid November
    • Admission period: April
    • Goal of Course:
      To get Japanese language proficiency of N2 or N1. Aim to pass entrance exam for universities, high school in Japan.

    1 year and 9 months

    • Course: 1 year and 9 months
    • Application periods: January ~ Late March
    • Admission period: July
    • Goal of Course:
      To get Japanese language proficiency of N2 or N1. Aim to pass entrance exam for universities, high school in Japan.

    1 year and 6 months

    • Course: 1 year and 6 months
    • Application periods: April ~ Mid May of the current year
    • Admission period: October
    • Goal of Course:
      To get Japanese language proficiency of N2 or N1. Aim to pass entrance exam for universities, high school in Japan.

    1 year and 3 months

    • Course: 1 year and 3 months
    • Application periods: July~ Mid August of the previous year
    • Admission period: January
    • Goal of Course:
      To get Japanese language proficiency of N2 or N1. Aim to pass entrance exam for universities, high school in Japan.

    Short term course

    • Course: Short term course
    • Application periods: Anytime
    • Admission period: Anytime
    • Goal of Course:
      The Course offers from Elementary to Advance level of Japanese depending on each student level. The length course is about 3 months.
    Tuition and Other Fees
    1. The applicant who submits the application must pay 20,000 JPY for the screening fee for your application. Whether or not a COE is issued is not relevant to the school’s decision, so this fee is not refundable.(Tuition for the second year can be paid either in a lump or by installments however, on the installment plan, some interest may apply to the each payment)
    2. The all application documents are not returned even though the Certificate of Eligibility is not issued by Immigration.

    *Refund Policy
    Having received the Certificate of Eligibility, the Consulate or Embassy of Japan does not issue the visa, the tuition fee is refunded after deducting 20,000 JPY for screening fee and 60,000 JPY for admission fee. Please note the international money transfer fee for the refund is also deducted from the total amount.

    Application Eligibility
    1. The applicant must have High School Diploma (18 years old or more) However, the applicant must be under 22 years old for whom hightest formal education is the high school. For whom hightest formal education is 2 year college, the applicant must be under 25 years old, and for whom highest formal education is university or higher, the applicant must be under 30 years old.
    2. The applicant may wish to learn Japanese, to take the exam to Japanese Vocational school.
    3. The applicant must have Japanese language certificate level of N5 or have learned Japanese over 150 hours from any Japanese language center.
    4. The applicant must be capable to support themselves financially or must have a sponsor who is capable to provide with enough finantial support throughout the school years.
    5. The applicant must comply the law of Japan and the rules of academy.
    Interview Process
    1. We review the application for admission first, and then interview the student and the sponsor.
    2. The Interviews will be conducted at the local representative offices of the institution.
    How to Submit
    1. Apply to the academy directly in person: the applicant need to bring enrollment documents, passport and enrollment fee.
    2. Apply by the representatives on behalf of the applicant: The representative should bring admission profile and enrollment fee. The representative must be the sponsor of the applicant. If the representative is not the sponsor, the guarantor must have a letter of authorization from the applicant or the sponsor.
    3. Apply through the representative offices of the academy: The applicant are required to take a Japanese Language Proficiency test and interview at the local representative office. The application is only accepted from the eligible candidates.
    4. Other than the above, please contact the academy for guidance.
    Application Process

    Here is the application process for obtainig student visa and admission to the school. All process  takes about 3 to 4 months to complete.

    1.Application Submission (Applicant)

    • Submit Application with all necessary document
    • Pay Screeing Fee

    2.Document Screening (School)

    • Document screening by the school

    3.Application Submission to the Immigration(Immigration)

    • Send your application to the Immigration Office to obtain Certification of Eligibility (COE). It takes about 2 month and 15 days to complete document screening.
    • Issues a COE to the school.

    4.Inform Applicant COR and application result (School)

    • The school inform the applicant about COE and school application result.

    5.Making Payment(Applicant)

    • Tuition Fee (1st year) and Student Accommodation Fee (6 months) must be paid to the school

    6.Mailing COR and Admission Certificate (School)

    • COE and Admission Certificate are mailed to the applicant upon the payment confirmation

    7.Apply Student Visa(Applicant)

    • The applicant must bring his/her valid passport, COE, Admisiion Certificate to the local Japanese Embassy or Consulate to obtain a Student Visa before entering to Japan.
      *If your application for student visa is rejected by the Japanese Embassy or Consulate, your tuition fee and student accommodation fee will be refunded. (Applicaiton fee and enrollment fee are not refundable).




    What is Certification of Eligibility

    It is a certificate issued by the Japanese Immigration to the foreigner who wish to stay in Japan for the purpose of living for study, work etc.. Without this certificate, foreign student cannot apply for the student visa to study in Japan.

    Financial Supporter

    Whether your application of student visa is granted or not by the Immigration Officer, it is up to your financial supporter’s ability to provide you with enough financial support during your study in Japan. Your financial supporter does not have to live within Japan but he or she must be financially stable. To prove this, your sponsor must provide us with the bank statements, proof of income, tax document etc… Also your sponsor is responsible for supervising your study and for other financial matters caused by you while you are in the school.

    Semesters: 2 Semesters per year (Spring to Summer and Fall to Winter)


    Elementary, Intermediate, Advance I, Advance II


    Morning Class: 9:00~12:30   /   Afternoon Class: 13:30~17:00


    Monday to Friday  20 hours (4 hours/day)

    ※You will be placed in one of the morning class or the afternoon class by the result of placement test.

    Application and Important Point

    The document prepared by the applicant

    1.8 Pictures of yourself (3cm x 4cm)

    You picture must be taken within 3 months. Please write down your name, nationality and date of birth on the back of the pictures.

    2.Enrollment Form (Download)

    Please download the enrollment form from this home page and fill them out with all necessary information. Your residence address must be the same as the record of family register, and your family members must be write down until the relation of second degree.

    3.Curriculum Vitae (Download)

    Please download CV form from this home page and use it.  ※Do not use any abbreviations.

    4.Original Certificate of Graduation of Final Education

    After the document screening by the Immigration, all original document will be returned to the owner.

    5.Original Certificate of Transcript of Final Education

    It shows from first year to the last year.

    6.Certified document shows Your Japanese Ability such as the result of JLPT, J-TEST or NAT Test.

    ※We also require A Proof of 150 hours of Japanese study issued by the Japanese language school. That also tells the number of study hours per week, Japanese Textbooks and attendance record.

    7.Copy of Your Passport

    8.Reason of Your Study in Japan (Download)

    Please indicate your definite reason of study abroad, your background history and your plan after graduation of this school.

    9.Certificate of Employment (only if applicable)

    10.Certificate of Family Register

    It must registered all family members (down to second degree)

    The registered address, Employment, and occupations are must be matched with your enrollment document

    11.Written Oath (Download)

    Any applicants falling into the below categories is required to submit the following number of documents

    1.Original Certificate of Graduation of Elementary School and Its Explanation Letter

    Any Applicant entered elementary school before/after legally designated age (Before or after 6 or 8 years old), please submit the above mentioned documents.  If you are unable to submit the original document, please submit the notarized copy of certificate of graduation.

    2.Certificate of Enrollment (Applicant who is currently in the college/university)

    Any applicant withdrew from the college/university, please submit

    3.Certificate of Employment (Applicant who is currently employed) and Certificate of Return to Work (Applicant who is planning to return to work with the same Employer)

    The letter must be issued by your employer indicating your period of employment, your position and your responsible duties. It prefers written with the company’s letter head.

    4.An Explanation Letter of Reapplication

    ※Only the applicant submitting application again.

    The document prepared by the financial supporter

    ①A financial supporter lives outside of Japan

    1.The Reason To Be A Financial Supporter (Download)

    • This form must have a signature of the financial supporter

    2.Any Supporting Document to Prove of His or Her Relation to The Applicant

    • Birth certificate of the financial supporter/Any document proving the relationship to the applicant

    3.Proof of Balance Issued By The Bank

    • The document must be an original with the letterhead
    • The balance must shows the equal value to the 3,000,000 yen

    4.A Copy of Bankbook (Passbook)/Statement of Transactions

    • If none of the above is available, please submit a letter of explanation of funding resources

    5.Certificate of Employment

    • Certificate of Employment (if a financial supporter is employed)
    • Business License and a Certified Copy of the Registration (if the financial supporter is self-employed or managing the company)

    *The document must contain the length of employment・position・name of issuer・date of issue

    6.Certificate of Tax and Income

    • Please provide the certificate of tax for the last 3 years
    • Income certificate must be issued by the employer

    7.Certificate of Family Resister

    • It must be registered all family members
    • The registered address・employer・occupation must be matched with other document

    8.Copy of ID

    ②A financial supporter lives within Japan

    1.The Reason To Be A Financial Supporter (Download)

    • It requires a signature of the financial supporter

    2.The Document indicates the relationship to the applicant

    • Birth Certificate/Any document showing the relationship of the applicant

    3.Statement of Balance Certificate

    • It must be an original

    4.Certificate of Employment

    • Employment Certificate
    • Business License
    • Certified copy of the registration

    5.Proof of Income・Withholding Slip

    6.Resident Certificate

    • It must be show all family members living the same resident.
    • Resident Card (if applicable)

    Japanese translation must be attached with any documents written in foreign languages.
    *All certificates must have the date of issue and the name of issuer
    *Copy of any certificates must be notarized

    Points to remember for the document submission

    We cannot accept any applicant with incomplete documents. To avoid this, we suggest all applicants prepare carefully required documents step by step. Also please pay attention to the below list when you prepare the documents.

    1. Attach Japanese Translation
      The documents written in foreign language other than Japanese requires Japanese or English translation. Also those translations have to have a name of translator and contact information.
    1. Write Application by Yourself
      All categories on CV must be filled out by the applicant. Also The Reason to Be a Financial Supporter needs to be written by the Financial Supporter. Those documents should not be filled out by others.
    1. Do Not Use Whiteout
      Do not use a whiteout when you make a mistake on the document. Put the double lines on the mistaken word or sentence with an initial.
    1. Be Consistent
      The contents of the documents must be consistent. For example, the date of graduation from the high school on the CV has the same date of the graduation on the certificate of high school diploma.
    1. Make Photocopy all the enrollment documents for your record
      After screening, all documents will be submitted to Japanese Immigration Office, so we cannot return them to the applicant. Therefore, you need to make photocopy of all before submitting.
    1. Do not prepare and submit the document in last minutes
      Immigration office often asks for additional documents, so do not prepare and submit the document in last minites.
    1. All document and certificate must be issued within 3 months
    2. Submit additional document when required
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