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    International Futurity Academy

    The entrance ceremony 【October 28, 2023】

    On October 28, 2023, the entrance ceremony for October 2023 students was held.

    This year, 65 new students from nine countries participated , and a current student, Ms. 黄缨婷 gave them a congratulatory speech. In the formal response, Mr. KHON MYA THAN from Myanmar spoke on behalf of the new students with words of determination. It was great to see them talking so hard even though they were nervous, and the new students listened with serious expressions on their faces. After the entrance ceremony, everyone ate some snacks like pizza and sweets together, took lots of pictures in their beautiful clothes, and it seemed like it was a great opportunity to interact with students from other classes.

    As a new student, how did you feel today? I’m sure your heart is filled with a variety of emotions, including the joy of meeting new friends and anxiety about your studies and life in Japan. Please talk to us about anything you are worried about. Let’s work together to make the time until your graduation a fruitful one!

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