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    International Futurity Academy

    International exchange event with Osaka University of Economics

    Today We had an “international exchange” with university students at Osaka University of Economics.
    This time, as part of the Koga Seminar class at the Faculty of Business Administration, our students and seminar students held a discussion on the theme of “Regional Revitalization through Cross-Cultural Exchange.
    Our students was a little nervous before the class started, but thanks to everyone in the Koga seminar being so friendly, our students were able to have a great time with smiles on their faces.
    Divided into groups and started with self-introductions, and we also answered interviews with the Koga seminar members, interacting with each other in Japanese and having a fun time.
    At the end, we all took a commemorative photo, and we were able to finish this exchange event successfully!
    There are not many opportunities to participate in university seminars, so I think it was a good experience and stimulating for the students.
    Thank you to everyone in the Koga seminar for today.
    It would be great to have a meet-up like this again!

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