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    International Futurity Academy

    Field trip to the Panasonic Museum and Health checkup 【November 22, 2023】

    On November 22nd, current students went on a field trip to the Panasonic Museum.

    The Panasonic Museum includes the “Matsushita Konosuke History Museum,” where you can learn about founder Konosuke Matsushita’s views on business and life, the “Manufacturing Ism Museum,” where you can explore Panasonic’s manufacturing DNA, and the “Sakura Hiroba,” a park where you can enjoy autumn leaves. In the museum, we were able to see the history of home appliances that are essential to our lives, as well as many exhibits and videos. The students seemed curious and took pictures of everything they saw. While looking at the history of Panasonic, they seemed to be comparing it with the history of home appliances in their own country, and they talked a lot about the differences between Japan and their country.

    If we have an opportunity, I’d like to go somewhere again,


    On the same day, the new students who had just arrived in Japan had a health checkup at school. Staying healthy is the most important thing in school life, especially for international students living abroad. It’s been about a month or 2 months since they arrived in Japan, and I think they’ve gotten used to Japanese life and classes. It’s November, and there are many cold days, and some students are still wearing T-short, while others are wearing jacket.

    Now we just have to wait for good results.

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